hey look i made something

a wee bun – hey look! i made something

Yes hi hello, Gentle Reader!

Not only have a I made a return to The Shy Lion, fittingly, my appetite for crochet has also returned. It had a been a long time since I’ve made any crocheted critters, with most of my crafting being either sewing (I’ve been particularly enjoying English Paper Piecing, although I don’t have too much to show for it) and knitting.

I was tidying up the cupboard in my office a few weeks ago, and I found the beginnings of a little critter that I can’t even remember starting. Who knows how long this little half-a-head had been all snuggled up in a project bag, patiently waiting for me to pull it out again and finish it? Not me.

And so, with some encouragement from Wonderful Timothy, I fished out my hooks and got back to work.

I was kind of surprised and kind of not surprised that the weirdest thing about coming back to crochet after all that time was doing the magic ring. I think that when you learn crochet, the magic ring is the most awkward thing you’ll ever have to learn, I’ll tell you that much for free! Even though the muscle memory was still there, it felt so unnatural and strange again, and not like the second nature autopilot situation it used to be for me. I was back in my old stride before long, but I did find that interesting. You can find my tutorial for the magic ring here, but I think I’ll re-make it at some point cuz the talk-y parts are so cringe-inducing! I recommend skipping ahead to 1:48. lol

When I crochet a critter, I rarely know what they’re going to be until I’m ready to put their face on. I’ll do the face first and see how it turns out, and I’ll look at their little punim and see what my waters tell me they should be.

With this one, I still wasn’t sure. I began making the legs, but then… nup! These aren’t legs! They’re ears! And so they became a wee little bun!

I made their tail with a tiny pom pom maker, and did as many wraps as I could to make sure it was as fat and squishy as possible, and then they were all done.

Welcome to the world, woolly bunface!

— Raynor

°•°• Project Details •°•°

  • Pattern — none
  • Hook size — 3.25mm
  • Yarn — Morris Estate 10ply in Rustic Aubergine [buy]
  • Face — embroidery floss, safety eyes
  • Stuffing — undyed wool roving


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