New Amigurumi Pattern! Sittin’ Kitty!


Gentle reader,

I’m SUPER EXCITED to share with you my first pattern! Remember Macaroni the yellow cat from my last post? Well, now you can make your own little kitty buddy! Download it here or on my downloads page and on Ravelry. Or click the pic below!

sittin kitty

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Totoro Cross Stitch Chart! For Freeeeeeeeeee!


Gentle reader,

As promised, I’ve done up a fancy, clean, non-chicken-scratch version of the chart I made to do my Totoro iPhone case. Feel free to download and bring some crafty Ghibli love into your life, but – and I feel like a douche for saying this, but you can never be too careful – have some common sense about it. Don’t sell the pattern or stuff made from it; just do it because you’re a big dork who loves Totoro. But DO have fun with it! And definitely send me pics of anything you make with it! Share it around if you schwanna, just be a dude and make sure you credit me.

Download it here, or by clicking the pic below!

Click to get your Ghibli on!

Who loves ya? I DO! ^_~